Our Logo

The trademark of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy since 1990 is a symbolic abstraction of the facade of Wright’s Larkin Company Administration Building in Buffalo, New York. When it was built in 1904, the modern office building, with its cathedral-like interior and sun-filled six-floor atrium, was a groundbreaking architectural achievement.

In 1950, it was demolished to create a parking lot.

An early example of Wright’s genius, and an irreplaceable piece of our cultural heritage, is gone forever. This iconic work became the symbol of the Conservancy’s commitment to preventing other tragic losses. The logo debuted on the premiere issue of the Conservancy’s magazine in June 1990. The cover headline read, “The loss of 67 buildings and the threats to others prompted the formation of the Conservancy. Could the 1950 demolition of the Larkin Administration Building have happened in 1990?” Today the answer, unfortunately, remains yes.

As the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy continues its mission to protect Wright’s architectural legacy into the 21st century, the Larkin Building stands as a reminder of the hundreds of other architectural masterpieces that could be lost forever without dedicated preservation efforts.

With no organization to advocate for its preservation, the Larkin Building (1904) was demolished in 1950. Its facade inspired the logo for the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.
Image from Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society