In mid-November, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and participating sites completed a revised nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage List, The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, which includes a group of eight major works designed by Wright located across the country. Spanning his 70-year career, the buildings include Unity Temple, the Frederick C. Robie House, Taliesin, Hollyhock House, Fallingwater, the Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House, Taliesin West and…

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High-Rise Proposed Near Unity Temple

Photo by Tom Rossiter

UPDATE 12/6/18: Mayor Abu-Taleb of Oak Park states that Unity Temple “is one of the crown jewels of the community” and that any development on the site of the U.S. Bank building “addresses the concerns of this monument.” Read more here. A new high-rise development is being proposed in Oak Park, Illinois, less than a half block away from Wright’s Unity Temple at 835 Lake Street. It would become the tallest…

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UPDATED: Oboler Complex Ravaged by Woolsey Fire

Photo by Stan Ecklund

The Conservancy has received further confirmation of the devastating effect of the Woolsey Fire on the Arch Oboler Complex in the mountains above Malibu, California. Conservancy member Stan Ecklund has shared photos taken from the road after the area became accessible. The photos show that, while much of the desert rubble stone masonry remains, the wood and metal superstructures of the complex’s buildings have been decimated. The ravaged area is…

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Wright in Dallas

By Charles Marshall

The story of modern Dallas cannot be told without Frank Lloyd Wright. Before the Kalita Humphreys Theater was built, and long before the sleek geometries of Dallas’ skyline, the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright set the stage for it all. When Wright first visited in the 1930s, in the midst of the Depression, the architect and the city may have seemed an unlikely pair, but had much in common. Dallas,…

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