Around the Wright World

April 2018

Photographing Wright with Andrew Pielage – Intermediate Level

Scottsdale, Arizona

April 20-22, 2018

Organizer: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation


Intermediate Photography Workshops help participants take their photography to the next level. Also conducted in the desert landscape of Taliesin West, this workshop allows students to dive deeper into understanding changing light, how to properly scout a location and how to shoot architecture with any lens.

Cultivated Cuisine: April 2018

April 21, 2018

Organizer: Taliesin Preservation, Inc.


Featuring Chef Rob Grisham from Isthmus Dining Company, Madison, WI For his second Taliesin Dinner of 2018. He will create a 7-course menu that gives the guest a true sense of this spectacular place: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. Chef Grisham’s menu is dictated by his desire to use food and resources that are grown on the Taliesin estate.

Taliesin Next—AZ H20 + Art

Scottsdale, Arizona

April 24, 2018

Organizer: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and az Humanities


Hoover Dam is an iconic marvel of American engineering.  Created to manage the floodwaters of the Colorado River, the dam continues to affect Arizonans’ lives daily.  But the Hoover dam is rarely thought of as a significant work of art.  Since artists first visited our region, water has been a subject for their work, ranging from rivers and lakes to dams, agriculture and recreation.  This program will explore works of art created over the past 150 years, and invite participants to discuss the various ways water is systemic to life in the Arizona deserts, mountains and the Colorado Plateau.  Jim Ballinger is uniquely qualified to lead the conversation, having served as the director of the Phoenix Art Museum for 33 years. During his tenure, the Phoenix Art Museum presented nearly 500 exhibits, 50 of which Ballinger personally organized. Ballinger has a keen interest in the intersection of art and water, and is a nationally respected arts advocate.

Taliesin Next—Arizona Storytellers: Home

Scottsdale, Arizona

April 25, 2018

Organizer: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation


Finding the perfect home – and keeping it that way – can be crazy, comforting, and everything in between. Join The Arizona Republic and for stories about real estate, renovations, and the meaning of home. Emcees: Megan Finnerty, founder of the Storytellers Project, and Catherine Reagor, real-estate reporter for The Arizona Republic and Featured tellers: Stuart Graff, President & CEO of  the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


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